4 Steps Towards Change

Change can be challenging, these four steps can help…

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When life happens, it tends to happen all at once and this can be completely overwhelming. Divorce, death, failure, disappointment, and betrayal can enter our lives in unexpected ways and times.

When we are in those moments of devastation, hurt, and desperation we tend to feel as though life is against us. We can feel as if nothing is working out for us, we question why me?

During this victim mode process, we can not see how these events can be teaching us much-needed life lessons. We can not see the “divine intervention”, we can not see that this is all for the greater good of all involved.

We tend to focus on the problem and never the solution or the possible outcome. Life can bring us unexpected change that makes us realize it was just what we needed. This is usually the case in 99% of retrospective thinking.

When it is time for change we need to build ourselves a guide, something tangible that we can go to when in need of direction. I am a fan of list-making and journaling. There is a magical connection between your hand and brain when writing.

Here are the first two questions to ask yourself when you are ready to embark on change:

1. What Are You Sick and Tired Of

2. What Do You Want To Change

Take time to think these two questions through, and write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind.

Next, write out what action steps you need to take to reach this goal/change.

Finally, ask yourself which action steps are you READY to take right now. Focus on those before you move on to the action steps that are challenging to start. Momentum can really help you get into a better mindset.

This is the step where people crash and burn! We can talk the talk all day long, but do not have the courage to walk the walk. Review your list over and over, reminding yourself of everything you are tired of, and use that as ammunition for action.

Procrastination only produces anxiety, avoidance can produce unhealthy habits that can hurt us in the long run. Action, is the cure for all things change!

Be specific with your action steps, be detailed and schedule all your action-taking. Create a routine that you can lean on to help you find your strength in your discipline.

Always prepare yourself for the days you want nothing to do with changing any part of your life. These days come very very very often, and we must tackle them IMMEDIATELY!

If you are looking to seek change in your physical body you must prepare yourself mentally for those days you do not want to go to the gym, you do not want to prepare a healthy meal. This is the MOST important piece of the puzzle when seeking change. YOU HAVE TO BE READY FOR WAR WITH YOURSELF!!!!

The key here is taking time to get to know yourself, accept yourself, and be patient and compassionate with yourself. Change is not easy, but it is possible if you truly desire it!



Teacher, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, writer, speaker, and author

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Damaris Teacherprenuer

Teacher, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, writer, speaker, and author