5 Ways Life Has Taught Me To Slow Down And Listen To The Universe

It’s surprisingly more productive

Picture By, Logan Weaver

The Universe speaks to us on a daily basis. From a falling leaf to a random encounter with a friendly animal.

What were you thinking of in that moment? Were you worried, Anxious, or in the past or in the future?

Sometimes the universe brings random encounters to simply bring you back to the moment. Or sometimes it is a message.

Messages from the spiritual world can come in dreams, conversations, signs, songs, movies, nature, animals, coins, feathers, numbers, repetitive thoughts or ideas.

These messages pretty much come in ALL shapes and sizes, it all depends on what you see, think and feel in that moment of observing it.

These days there is a lot of noise about meditation. It is attached to spirituality as it should be but a lot of the science is left out.

One of the purposes of meditation is to calm the brain., An opportunity to train the brain to not be reactive, to slow down and focus on and in the moment.

Meditation teaches you discipline and teaches you how to listen to yourself and your body.

When you are silent how does it feel? What thoughts come over you? Do you feel anxious? Does your body have a challenging time relaxing? Do you feel unproductive when you slow down? All these questions and so many more are perfect during silence.

Listen closely and you start learning about yourself and about the world around you. Even the spirit world can be heard in meditation and silence.

After noticing the same numbers over and over again I finally sat down and googled them. I realized it wasn’t until I sat down and seeked answered was I able to hear the message.

Seeing the number 5,55,555,5555 or any other arrangement of the number 5 is a HUGE sign from the universe that change is upon you. The change can be external or it can be internal. Repetitive signs of the number 5 can signal the need to let go of those habits, people and things that no longer serve you.

There are other arrangements of numbers called Angels numbers that spirit used to guide you through life if you pay attention.

Numbers are just one method. Sometimes there is a type of bird or feather that is constantly on your path.

A song may be repetitively playing in your head for the day until you finally listen to it and gather the information needed from its message.

When the universe has simmering to say it will repeatedly show you until your awareness is expanded to its vibration.

Just as they say that faith is knowing without seeing, feeling without seeing is just as important.

Our emotions are our guide, they tell us about our surroundings, and how it impacts our energy.

Our emotions are powerful, more powerful than we are taught. If you notice in movies both, children’s and adult, the persons power comes from their emotions.

Once they learn to control their emotions they have full control of their power. This is full on symbolism for what power we house, if we learn to use it wisely.

Think about how your body changes and reacts to your emotions. If your sad you lose your strength. When your angry or scared your body is capable of things you can’t imagine. When your happy you feel like your floating.

Take time to feel your emotions. Many of us are so scared of what they have to tell us. Ask yourself all kinds of questions about your emotions.

Our emotions are more powerful than our thoughts. Our body will never betray you, it will ALWAYS tell you the truth. Your brain will do anything and everything to trick you. Find the balance to find control.

Many of us are near to, experiencing or experienced a spiritual awakening. We are about to hear the call, are hearing the call or have heard the call.

First of all what is The Call? It is the signs the universe gives you that it’s time to heal, to let go and allow the healing and growth of life happen. Each one of us will have the call not all will hear it and not all will follows our heed its warning.

I heard my call to heal in 2016, the transition and journey has not been easy in any way, shape, or form. But listening and following the call with complete faith that I was leading myself to a better life.

That huge faith slowly dwindled as life beat me down to build me back up. I felt alone, unloved by the universe and drowning in all of my misery or anxiety and depression.

Each day it got harder and harder but finally one day out of the blue I got stronger and stronger.

Sometimes life knocks us down, forces us to slow down by using, delays, derailed plans, illness, death, loss of job, relationship or pretty much anything, and it is surprisingly ALWAYS for our good.

The message today is don’t fear the call to heal. It is the call to find your purpose, it’s the call to let go of all that no longer serves you and a huge opportunity to grow in ways you never expected.

When you hear the call, heed to its calling, fall forward into the void, in to the unknown and trust you are being guided to your best life.

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