Curiosity and Your True Self

Damaris Teacherprenuer
3 min readDec 25, 2022

Let Your Inner Child Play

Photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash

Inner Child Healing

There is no adult on this earth that has not experieanced some sort of childhood trauma. Those experiances mold who we are today, how we react to threats, danger, kindness, love, pain, hurt, betrayal… and the list goes on. What happened to us as children does impact who we become as adults.

Child trauma refers to a scary, dangerous, violent, or life threatening event that happens to a child (0–18 years of age). This type of event may also happen to someone your child knows and your child is impacted as a result of seeing or hearing about the other person being hurt or injured. When these types of experiences happen, your child may become very overwhelmed, upset, and/or feel helpless. These types of experiences can happen to anyone at any time and at any age; however, not all events have a traumatic impact.” (


“In addition, acute psychological traumas, such as the death of a parent, are part of the big T trauma definition. Chronic (ongoing) trauma, such as repeated abuse, can also qualify as big T trauma. Little t trauma refers to events that typically don’t involve violence or disaster, but do create significant distress.” (

Your everyday traumas, or little T’s are not been seen as “traumatic” in comparison to those big T’s. Little traumas and Big traumas, both create a stamp in our subconscious mind that will impact our conscious self until there is a release and a new belief is created.

Big Traumas and Little Traumas hurt us both deeply, both need healing before we can move forward with life.

Child-Like Curiosity

What does being child like have to do with healing? According to, we all come from many different childhood experiences and traumas. We do not come into this world as fully grown adults, we are born with an “empty vessel”, our subconscious mind, which will dictate the rest of our life.

We must must heal the past before we can continue building our future. Returning to the past can be challenging, confusing, and painful. Returning to those moments of pain, loss, abandonment and fear are crucial to the healing of the wounds created by the past.

Healing is like finding yourself again, finding the child like love and curiosity for life. Remembering the things that made you happy and free to be you. Healing those old wounds takes time, give yourself the gift of time to heal and release. Remember yourself child self and be kind to them, act as if you were comforting the 3yr old you. Be tender and patient as your would be with your own toddler.

Embracing Your Inner Child

The world and society around us prohibits and shames us for returning to the energy of our inner child. We are stamped as an adult the moment we turn 18. We are expected to never have another tantrum and most know everything we want and like and dislike.

This is absolute bullshit, we are evolving and ever changing human beings, there is not just one version of us. We have multiple versions of ourselves according to our environment, surroundings and situation. Sometimes we the responsible adult and others we are the 16 year old making “meaningless” mistakes.

Take time to not only embrace but remember that your inner child energy is always with you. And it is just as important as every other aspect of your self, it is where our happiness is found.

Embrace, heal and live in the energy of your true-self, your inner child. Hug her, love on her, and spoil her as if she was right in front of you. You deserve all the love you give yourself.

Enjoy being child-like today.