How I Overcome My Auditory Psychotic Breaks

The Voices Can Be Hard To Manage

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Most times we make some important decisons without knowing the consequences of our choices. These importnat choices can impact your life for the better or for more lessons to be learned.

In 2016 I had to make the biggest decion on my life; wether I should quit drinking alcohol or continue on my path of self destruction. After realizing that alcohol was what has been keeping me from reaching any of my goals, I made the decision to stop drinking forever.

I know I had to make a forever decion, because alcohol is a caniving drug, it will celebrate with you during your best moments in life and it will remind and haunt you of your demons during your hardest times.

Once the alcohol was no longer running through my vains I fell into deep depression. I took long naps during the day and quietly struggled with my difficulty to leave the house.

I wasn’t working and my bills were not getting paid, my phone service was turned off and slowly I dug myself deeper into the hole of sadness and disappointment. I made such a big choice and everything just got worse and keep getting worse.

My anxiety intensified as stress and confussion surrounded me each day I didn’t know what next steps to take. My panic attacks became frightenly frequent and my sadness grew as I felt suspended in air with no direction for my life.

As the stress grew so did my anxiety, I found myself having to shake my legs and arms every once in a while to relesea physical stress from my body. My body started having it’s own way of releasing my stress and little did I know so did my brain.

I was outside one beautiful day, confused about what to do about a situation. Should I stay or should I go, I asked my self. And a still small voice said “stay”, I started to slowly trust that voice and it led me to believing I was being attacked by the spirit world. As I got more stressed in my life, the LOUDER they grew, to the point where I began to engage with them which enraged me and tore me to pieces emotoinally.

I learned with time that these voices were my brains way of “protecting me” my thoughts werwe highened so much to the point where I thought my subconcious mind had broken open.

Some of the things the voices would say would make sense at the beinging but it always ended with it attacking and gaslighting me. This made me feel completly crazy, so I was admitted into the hosptial psych ward 4 times. 3 of them I spent 2–4 weeks healing in the hospital where I was medicated, which helped me calm my anxiety and depression.

Medication is not my first go to, but when your body is screaming at you with signs sometimes medication is the right choice. See a doctor and take what you need for your individual healing.

Exercise Only 20–30 minutes day can change your life and improve your mental health. When we use the word workout, we subconciously think it has to be at the gym lifting undesired weight.

This is a false narrative, walking for 20–30 minutes a day is great for your physical health, mental, emotional and spritual health.

Whatever you chose to do for excerise, make sure it is fun for you!!! Dancing, hiking, walking, running, HIT, weight lifting, just have fun!

Meditation 10–15 minutes a day can help calm your monkey mind, teach you to feel comfortable in stillness and helps you organzie your thoughts. Our brain is constantly working, wether we are sleeping or awake the brain never stops. It can help train your brain to slow down which reduces your stress levels and give time for your brain to relax and take a “breath”.

Life can bring some heavy challenges and obsticles for your to overcome. Most times taking time to process, feel the hurt/pain, forgive and let go. There is no guide to follow on how to forgive, but going within and being honest with yourself will help you accept what was and heal the emotional wound.

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Teacher, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, writer, speaker, and author

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Damaris Teacherprenuer

Teacher, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, writer, speaker, and author