How Positivity Can Be Toxic…

Damaris Teacherprenuer
3 min readJul 8, 2022

Not all emotions should be avoided…

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Toxic Positivity The Oxymoron

Toxic positivity are two oppistie words used to show when we avoid our truth and hide behind a wall of fear and self judgement. Avoiding your emotions does not get rid of them, they eat away at you deep inside our soul.

Being positive is like magic, it will change your perception of life in minutes. But this does not work when you ignore your healing. Avoiding your truth and suppressing your emotions is not how to heal. Your outlook is not realistic and you will have difficulting growing if you do not face yourself with truth and acceptance.

Meditation is a resource you can use to help you find your truth. Time alone and in silence can be triggering and challenging for some. We are so used to hding our emotions behind the noise of the society, internet and others.

Meditation helps knock down those walls so you can see and feel your truth. This is simple, not easy but very much worth it.

Facing Our Truths With Compassion

When we feel ourselves becoming emotionally vulnerable we can lash out in anger, shame, and embarrassment. We can lash out at ourselves and at others, with no intention to harm, only to protect ourselves. When we do things that feel out of our character we tend to heavily judge ourselves or feel others are thinking the same about us.

These times deserve your utmost compassion, as if you were dealing with a child, in fact, your inner child. Our self-talk can be disastrous to our healing process if we do not use it correctly. We should be speaking with ourselves as if we have only made a mistake and all that is left is to learn from it.

We should not put ourselves down, judge, or degrade our existence with unkind words. Compassion and patience will help us heal the wounds we can not see, but feel.

Forgiving Ourselves Before Forgiving Others

If we do not take the time to forgive ourselves for what we allowed others to do to us, it will be challenging for us to forgive others. We must first accept our responsibility by reviewing what we tolerated, allowed, and what boundaries we did put in place or addressed.

Taking our share of the responsibility helps us take our power back. Self-introspection and self-awareness are enhanced when we take half of the 100%. It helps us see ourselves from a different perspective and with different eyes.

Taking your share of what you are responsible for will help build your confidence and self-awareness. Once you know what is yours you can take the time to process, analyze and accept what you need to. Acceptance is the first step toward forgiving yourself, give yourself the space to release however you need to.

Be compassionate and judgment-free when releasing your emotions and letting go of the pain, disappointment, and anger. Allow yourself to feel, but do not plan on living there no matter how long it may take you.

“Until you forgive yourself you won't be forgiven”- Damaris Ayala

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