How Solitude Heals Your Soul…

“The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.”― Aldous Huxley

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My entire life I have enjoyed being alone, I was born 6 years before my sister, so during that time, I learned to entertain myself. During school I found myself looking for like-minded friends and enjoyed their company, but for me it was exhausting. I felt drained and needed constant time alone to re-energize.

This is a common, phenomenon, we are energetic beings and when we share our energetic field around others it can take a toll on our emotional and physical health.

A loner, one who enjoys his/her time alone, or as they call it “me time”, tends to absorb others' energy. This is known as an empath, one who can feel the world around them, not just see, smell, and taste.

Solitude is most important for self-reflection, self-care, and regeneration.

Many people think that solitude leads to loneliness, which is not the case. What leads to loneliness is lack of connection, lack of self-love, lack of self-confidence, possibly depression and anxiety.

Solitude is very healthy, a time you set aside for yourself. A gift you give yourself, after hours of giving and serving for others. Solitude is healing, it allows you to review your actions, reactions, an opportunity for forgiveness, and massive growth.

Loneliness comes when there is something missing in your life, when you have a full self-loving relationship with yourself you are never alone. The ever-churning of the ebb and flow of life will never guarantee an easy journey. It will come with obstacles and all kinds of complications. When we find ourselves feeling lonely, go within, go to the one that knows you best…. YOU.

Time in solitude will change you if you are intentional about this time. Meditation, silence and solitude WILL change your life.

If you struggle with being alone, you may want to ask yourself why. What are you trying to avoid facing when you are alone? Your thoughts? Your past? Your future, Your mistakes… What haunts you and how can you heal it?

Most people who do not know what to do with themselves when they are alone are fearful of something. Some people may know what is causing this behavior and others will have to dig deep to try and find the answers or reasons why.

Not everyone can handle the process and challenges of being in solitude, silence, and meditation. They do not have their mind under control so it is overpowering them with fear, rejection, doubt and so many other traumas.

If this is you, try to find at least 5 min a day where you can spend time alone and in solitude and ask yourself those questions. Those hard questions will come to light in the long run. Some get responses right away others take years and some never get what they want to hear, see or feel but they get some sort of response.

When we find ourselves in front of our fears, will we trigger the fight or flight tendency? Will we ignore the issue at hand or get help to process it? Most of us have been taught that mental health is something shameful and if you get help for it you are weak.

That is slowly changing, with humans awakening more and more each day we have realized the power and strength behind healing our mental health.

Facing your fears allows you to heal yourself and your ancestors, you heal them by not passing that behavior on to the next generation. Facing your fears makes you stronger mentally, spiritually, and physically. You feel like you can face ANYTHING after you have been in the ring with your own personal demon monster.

Take a moment each day and get yourself to stand in your power of truth. Speak your truth, share your truth and respect others’ truth.

Stand tall and stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself, teach others how to treat you by creating boundaries.

Take a risk on yourself, spend time alone, reflect on your life, stand in your truth and regain your power.

-Love and Light

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