Little Known Ways to Unlearning Old Ways

It is within you, the Subconscious mind

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We have two conscious as human beings, we have one that is conscious and the other that is very deep within that we are even aware that it is working. When we are watching TV, our eyes and ears are the doors to what we unconsciously take away from the content. Consciously we can see what is happening, but behind the scenes, if you will, there is more going on than just watching TV.

Like ads, marketing is very psychological and strategic. During certain shows, there are certain commercials that are targeted at a particular audience. Let’s use the Saturday morning cartoons as an example. Kids are completely flooded with commercials about toys, usually around the same age group as the tv show. And during the Christmas holidays, the commercials for kids are sky rocketing. Mother’s day there are hundreds of jewelry commercials and fathers day brings its share of carpentry and ties.

We are unknowingly being brainwashed, I know and understand that the word brainwashed can either be a trigger or an exaggeration to some. But the truth is when we are being flooded with specific content it has its purpose.

Repetition is the mother of learning, but this also entails the learning of bad habits and/or things that don’t serve you. When watching the news we are flooded with negativity, death, and crime. There is NEVER anything on the news channel that is comforting or soothing. It is all based on fear and for generations, we have been taught to start our day full of fear by watching the news first thing in the morning.

There is a specific vibration that each of us carries, within that vibration we have a frequency. This frequency can be high or low, we tend to feel where we are vibrating via our emotions. Though all emotions are and should always be welcomed during our healing, we can not allow them to control us.

Emotions are energy in motion, they are signals the body uses to express itself. When we are bombarded with low-frequency emotions we tend to be sad, depressed and agitated, and angry. During high vibrating frequencies we are happy, joyous, and lively.

All of our emotions are deeply connected to our subconscious mind, this is where our belief system is housed. Everything we believe is due to everything we have been brainwashed with believing.

Some families lay it hard that there is an expectation of having to go to college. I remember growing up in the 90's my dad would always say, you can do whatever you want in life but first you get a degree. That was the mentality back then. But it is not my truth now, it took me a long time, years to remove that belief from my subconscious mind.

I had to go through the process of unlearning and relearning, reteaching my subconscious mind and my new belief system. I did this via major healing and affirmations. Every morning, I would wake up and resight my new intentions, my true desires, and my dreams.

You can do the same, healing is a big deal and forgiveness is a large part of it. You can start your healing journey today via journaling by clicking here and your forgiveness affirmations by clicking here



Teacher, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, writer, speaker, and author

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Damaris Teacherprenuer

Teacher, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, writer, speaker, and author