The Endless Cycle of A Victimhood

Damaris Teacherprenuer
3 min readFeb 26, 2024

Why Can’t You Get Out of It?

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Growing up I was the quiet one, I was either with my family or a small group of friends. In Elementary and Middle School I was quiet, kept to myself and but had a small crew of friends outside of school who I was genuinely myself with.

In High School, I played sports and was known around school as a good volleyball player ( I was a big fish in a small pond). It was rare I knew others around me by name. I was seen as shy, thankfully because of sports I was not picked on.

I was raised to not speak up for myself and to always walk away. Which I am grateful for this wisdom, but as a child it made me angry and swallow my feelings instead of expressing them.

We arrive to earth as empty vessels, out subconscious mind is out vessel that is filled by the beleifs of those who raise us. It is filled by society, family, parents, siblings, life experiences and traumas (generational and childhood)

Victim Mindset

I grew up thinking I was never enough and never created boundaries so people would come in and out of my life as they pleased. I blamed everyone for everything that happened to me. I was angry and never felt heard.

Until I quit drinking and realized I needed to focus on my mental health. Once I grew into my age, yes I am a late bloomer, proudly, I sought out myself, to find out who I was behind closed doors?

In order to not be a victim of your life you must be grateful, everything that is happening to you is happening for you. If you allow it to be an opportunity of personal and spiritual growth.

Conquer Your Insecurities

We all have insecurities and challenges in trying to “fix” them. We can never get rid of or fix any insecurities, we learn to live with them by accepting ourselves for who we are. Growing our strengths and accepting our flaws, the only way to conquer your insecurities is to love yourself for who you were in the past, who you are in the present and who you want to be in the future.

Self Talk

My background is in education and I believe self talk is something we have to focus on in the development of any human. We tear ourselves apart in our mind and call ourselves names that do not belong to us or within us.

How we speak to ourselves determines how we see our selves. I am affirmations are IMPORTANT to our growth and self love.

What you say to yourself matters, so much so that it creates an image of who you think you are and you begins o create that image as your truth with your actions. End the Victim cycle and get started with your new life!!!!!