The Surprising Secret to True Forgiveness

Damaris Teacherprenuer
2 min readOct 25, 2022


See it all for what it is

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Acceptance Leads to Forgiveness

Acceptance is the key to freeing yourself from all the heavy negative emotions that arise after someone has hurt you. It is seeing the truth for what it is, at that moment and acknowledging all of it. Assessing what is your responsibility and what is not. You may not like it, but yes accept it, even the other person and all that comes with it. It will be the ONLY way to set you on your path of forgiveness and journey into freedom.

Letting Go Of The Pain of the Past

Going to sleep thinking of the hurtful past will cause you to wake up with the same thread of thinking. The first step towards letting go is to protect your energy. You can achieve this by interrupting your train of thought which is leading you down the path of emotional attachment.

The interruption can be something as simple as no, we are not going there. Now, this does not mean the work is over, you are kicking a habit, and it takes time. You may have to repeat this process over and over until you learn how to block out those negatively charged thoughts.

Be prepared to fall and get back over and over and most times not have the desire to get back up… but eventually get your badass up and move forward with your healing.

Finding Peace

The way to peace is letting go, of EVERYTHING, you can not control. This includes the past, people, and all that is outside of your power. The less you try to control the more space you create for freedom, creativity and peace.

Letting go is an art form, it is not something that happens right away. It is somehting that happens weeks after the pain and you noticed you haven’t thought abou the ‘negatively charged thought” today. It takes you by surprise, as long as you do the work and put in the work on a daily baisis.

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