Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

What we think about become what we love. Our thoughts create things. What you focus on grows.

You’ve heard it in so many different ways but they all say the same thing. Our thoughts create our perspective. And how we pervierte our world, our reality, creates a vibration that you resonate at.

This resonating vibration that is in you and around Attract other things, events and people vibrating at the same frequency.

Have you ever heard the saying “birds off a feather flock together”? Or “Tell me who you hang with and I’ll tell you who you are” (that last one is a translation of a saying in Spanish from. Puerto Rico)

How you think, how you feel and that feel, that is a vibration. You know when you are sad, mad, happy, etc. you can differentiate (unless you have challenges in this area) feelings. When you feel good you are resonating at a high vibration when you are mad, upset, hurt, sad you are resonating at a low frequency.

There is always the obvious, we can not control EVERYTHING. There law of attraction can only go so far. You can call it destiney, fate, “meant to be”, or God will, either way there is only so much we can control.

Sometimes we must let go and allow the universe to bring us what we need not always what we want.

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Damaris Teacherprenuer

Teacher, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, writer, speaker, and author